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The effect of water temperature on the human body

Do you ever give a thought to the temperature of water while you take bath? Well, perhaps not, unless it’s too cold for chill climate or too hot for warm climate. You will be surprised to know that the effect of water temperature on the human body can be long-lasting and adverse. Thus, it is essential to know about the ideal temperature to be considered for bathing, swimming, and drinking water.

The effect of water temperature on the human body

Effect of Hot, Cold Water on Human Body Listed

There may be health issues that are minor and easy to ignore even if you do not take care of the temperature of the water being used. However, sometimes the ignorance takes a drastic turn. The impact of low and high-temperature water can vary from minor issues like a headache, dizziness, and stomach cramping to major health conditions like hypothermia and heat exhaustion.

Cold Water Effect


If you use water having a temperature below 35 degrees Celsius, hypothermia occurs. It can be both mild and severe based on the time spent in the water. In such situations, if the body temperature falls below 26 degrees Celsius, unfortunately, death is likely to occur. You must seek medical attention in case you have a pale skin after taking a chill water bath. If you suffer from dizziness, shiver with the rate of your body functioning declining.


The extremely cold temperature of below 31 degrees Celsius leads to this condition. It prompts the freezing of the limb cells, which normally manifest in fingertips, toes, ear tips, etc. They turn into ice crystal and take the cells to a state of inertia. If you take a bath and happen to start suffering from the numbness of pins and needles, and notice changes in your skin color; with the skin turning to yellow and then blue followed by black, go for medical treatment instantly.

Having learnt about the major health issues that may occur subject to your exposure to extremely low-temperature water, you may be worried about how to control such effect of water temperature on the human body. Isn’t it?

Best wetsuit boots are there to help you do so. This is for everyone who is involved in some kind of water sports like swimming, paddling, etc. These boots help to keep users’ feet warm and thereby keep the whole body temperature controlled in cold water. They are available in various designs that you can choose from based on the type of water association you will be buying it for.

Hot Water Effect

Heat Exhaustion

This is a common effect of water temperature on the human body when water used is above 38 degrees C. The common symptoms of the condition include skin turning pale, frequent seats, cramps, confusion, and others.

Heat Stroke

The temperature of water is over 40 degrees Celsius if used causes heat stroke. The condition is out of control when the hypothalamus fails to function. It is that part of the brain that controls and regulates the temperature of the body. Hot dry skin, extreme confusion, sweating and failing to control the body temperature, vomiting, etc. are some common symptoms.

Above all, be careful about using water that is more or less of a normal temperature. This will let you keep away from major as well minor health conditions that are likely to occur because of the use of abnormal water temperature. The ideal temperature for water activities is 82 degrees Fahrenheit (27.77 degrees Celsius) and cooler as specified by USA Swimming.

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